Hi, Welcome to my 'virtual window' of the natural world.

My name is Ron van Elst. I was born februari 19th 1967 in Amersfoort, an mediumsize city in The Netherlands, Europe.

I started photographing nature from the age of 15. I have always loved scenic photography, allthough birds also have a special place in my heart. In my life so far I had the opportunity to visit the US twice ('94 and '98) and Canada in the year 2000. Some places that stole my heart are Yellowstone national park and the Canadian rocky mountains, especially the area around Jasper. Nature Photography for me is a way to relax and get away from everyday life.

I work as a network/systems engineer at a large health-insurance company. That means: long hours behind a computerscreen at my desk or in the airconditioned environment of the server-room. On my day off you can often find me in the fields with my camera looking for that 'special' shot.  For me a great way to relax..!

Thanks for taking the time to visit this 'virtual window' and I hope you will have as much pleasure looking at the photo's, as I had taking them.